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There’s an old adage: “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN - YOU PLAN TO FAIL!”

Pre-construction services are services offered before actual construction begins to help plan, analyze and establish needs for a construction project. They are aimed at educating a client on what will be needed to make the project functional and financially viable.

Typically, pre-construction services are a separate agreement from the actual construction contract, which allows for a client to gather information before committing to any construction. It also allows for a client to break the relationship with a contractor if the project isn’t workable (cost or feasibility) or the contractor relationship isn’t meeting expectations.

Not all projects require pre-construction services, but they can be extremely valuable for more complex or complicated projects. Getting a contractor involved early on in the process will help clients guide the project along from. Contractors will work with the engineers/vendors that identify systems and structural details that need attention. They then offer solutions to architects on deigning around existing conditions, which help save time and money later in construction.

In most cases, the following items are included during the pre-construction phase, and will help determine project feasibility. They are often provided in a hard copy via a report, and digital files to save for later review. These include:

  1. Engineering Assessment

  2. Develop an Initial Schematic Design

  3. Preliminary Construction Budget

  4. Responsibility Matrix

  5. Preliminary Construction Schedule

TIETSORT Offers Pre-Construction Services to help meet our client’s vision and budget. Our pre-construction process is hands-on and helps architects and contractors create comprehensive construction plans.

We invite you to learn more about our process at:

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