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  • Curt Tyszko

Trends in Post-COVID Office Design

Post COVID, architects and designers will be looking to create open and larger working spaces and even work to bring the outdoors in to the workplace. Greater emphasis will be placed on the common areas and especially the foot traffic within an office setting. Workstations will be placed to ensure the 6-foot distance and situated in a way where they can always be kept located away far enough from others working and those walking nearby.

Additionally, designers will be looking at all the ways they can do this without reverting office design back to the 1950’s cubicle model.

Look to Internal Glass Partitions | Walls | Doors

Glass by its very nature stays clean, functional, and can be painted or transparent. It can be modular and the perfect material to separate work spaces without making them feel like small boxes. The use of internal glass partitions also helps with internal communication and productivity.

Internal glass partitions in office design - especially with new architectural back-painted glass - will offer the modern feeling of an open plan office - but in a safe and hygienic way. Glass stays inherently clean and can be disinfected quickly and simply - without the need for professional cleaning services.

For architects and designers looking for customized design and color options for office interiors - including accent walls, elevators, partitions, counters, backsplashes and doors, you may wan to consider Color-Lite back-painted glass for your next project.

Discover the possibilities of modern glass design with COLOR-Lite.

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